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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why do you offer 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee?

Simply put, we believe in our service and our people.  Our Virtuworx workers have repeatedly helped many businesses and entrepreneurs just like you.  We know we can help you and want the chance to impress you..


I’m not sure the cost is worth it?

A Virtuworx worker is about one third the cost of an employee you would hire in an office who needs to be trained, supervised, provided office space, computers, insurance, etc.  Especially considering access to specialized skills sets (programming, research, accounting, design, etc), the Virtuworx value is undeniable. Further, imagine the impact of having an additional 20 hours per week to focus on growing your business or doing what you love.


Why Virtuworx for my staffing needs?

We have been in business since 2007 and work with some of the most successful companies in the world.  We constantly strive to improve our services. In order to progress, Virtuworx believes the learning process must never stop.  We receive referral business from our satisfied clients because of these principles.


Will my Virtual Worker be working with other clients too?

Our employees are full time. If you do not require full time status (160+ hrs per month), it is possible that a worker may work with other clients.


My business is complicated, how will my Virtual Worker understand it?

We have complete confidence in being able to adapt to your business. Virtuworx has worked with sole proprietors, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.  We have helped engineering firms, software development, retail stores, and law offices just to name a few.  In some instances Virtuworx runs the entire company.


How much experience and what skill level will my Virtual Worker have?

The specific skill level and experience will be determined by the package you choose.  Our workers range from recent college grads, to those with PHD’s  from international institutions. Our requirements in education, work experience and English language, insure we recruit the very best. Our interview process is grueling, but since the beginning we have received a reputation as being an enjoyable and reliable place to work.  Our team environment has attracted many friends, relatives, and associates as current employees.


How do I interact with my Virtual Worker?

You interact with you virtual worker just like you would with any employee in an office.  For face to face, you can use Skype or GoToMeeting. Otherwise you can use phone, fax, email, instant messenger, etc., to give detailed descriptions and guidance of how to execute your tasks.  If your Virtual Worker needs help, they go to the Project Manager. If further clarification is needed, you will be contacted .


Will my Virtual Worker be the one and only person doing the work?

For lower level tasks, yes. However,  your Virtual Worker is supported by a Project Manager, and an in house team of specialists with expertise in various fields such as research, travel, accounting, SEO, word press, etc.  When you have a large or specialized task, your Virtual Worker may ask for assistance or forward your task to the appropriate specialist at the direction of the Project Manager.  Throughout the process your Virtual Worker will remain your point of contact.


Does unused time roll-over to the next month?

No, just like any regular full time or part time employee unused time does not roll over into the next pay period.  


What hours will my Virtual Worker work?

For day shifts they can begin and end according to your schedule.  However, you can choose a plan to have a worker work a graveyard shift, so you can assign tasks at the end of your day, and have them finished by next morning.


How will my Virtual Worker get to know me?

By utilizing email, Skype, phone and webcam you can quickly become acquainted with your Virtual Worker. How well you get to know them is entirely up to you. As time and tasks progress, they will learn your working style and what you expect. We have some clients that prefer to communicate almost entirely by email and others that like to use Skype and webcam every day.


Does Virtuworx complete all assigned work?

Yes. We are not a broker. We own our own building and all workers are our employees.  We do not sub-contract out any work.  You can be assured that you will not be handed around from one person to another or be lost in miscommunications.


Can I change my virtual worker?

Yes.  If at any time, you feel your virtual worker is not a good fit, we will happily let you interview others until you find one to your liking.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We have gone to great lengths to create a multilayered security system.  Our network utilizes 256 bit secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol for all transactions.  Server access is firewall protected, requires double passwords, and is securely backed up.  Virtuworx database is also encrypted.  CD-ROM drives, USB ports, printers, etc., are disabled from your worker’s PC so data cannot be duplicated. Our building has video surveillance, and is only accessible by key card. Building power has generator back up in case of vandalism or natural disaster.


Virtuworx staff seems very passionate about your service?

We know how important passion is to the success of any business, including ours.  The goal at Virtuworx is to help as many entrepreneurs and business owners remember why they got into their business.  To be successful at what they love, and have more free time to enjoy life.  We’ve helped others and now we want to help you.


Can I share my Virtual Worker with other people?

Yes, they work for you. You may delegate your workers time however you like. You simply add permitted users by calling or emailing Virtuworx.


Is there any initial start-up fee?

No. You only pay a monthly subscription as detailed on the sign-up page.


How does the process work?

You will first speak with an Account Manager who will gain an understanding of your business and the desired results.  Your Account Manager will then  put you in touch with the best suited Project Manager.

The Project Manager will work with you to pin point exactly what you want done and how.  Depending on the difficulty, they may work with you for several days or weeks before picking and traning the best suited Worker for your tasks and personality type.

Skype or GoToMeeting can be used for any face to face interview or initial training. Since the process is recorded, your project manager can always refer to the recorded session and thier notes. Once your virtual worker is proficient in your tasks, your project manager will move to a supervisory position, ready to accept additional tasks.  Via your approved method, you will receive a daily report detailing what was accomplished. Through the years we have found this process to be very thorough, and creates a “checks and balance” to insure your work is completed according to your standards, and on schedule.


How much notice is needed to upgrade, downgrade or stop my membership?

You may downgrade, or stop your membership at anytime by emailing or calling Virtuworx.  The change will take place at the end of your current billing cycle. For upgrades, we will do our best to assist you immediately.


When do I make my first payment, how do I pay, how often will I get billed?

Whenever you sign up is when you make your first payment. This particular day can be your billing cycle, or we can adjust to your normal payroll at the start of each new month. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and most debit and pre-paid cards.


What happens if my Virtual Worker is sick or quits?

The Project Manager will simply fill in until he can train a new Virtual Worker of your choosing.  The Project Manager is highly skilled and aware of all aspects of your account.  He is the one working in the back ground and responsible for successful implementation of your virtual worker from day one.


I need a Virtual Worker who is proficient in English to set appointments or interview clients. Is this possible?

Yes. We understand concerns with regard to accents or language barriers. English comprehension is a requirement of our hiring process. English has been taught to most of our workers in school at an early age; and many workers completed courses of study around the world.  Furthermore, most workers are very experienced with Western culture and business.  You will be able to approve the worker speaking to your clients.


How much training for my virtual Worker is necessary?

Simply put, you get out, what you put in. Our Project Managers and Virtual Workers are very experienced. They make training and transition as easy as possible. The better your Project Manger and Virtual Worker understand the how, why and when of your process, the better your results will be.

We’ve seen a 43% rise in new and referral business over last year.  I’m now focused on our business and not stuck working in the business.  I’m amazed how much more successful our business has become by allowing me to focus on new business and nurturing existing business and  Diana, our paralegal, is able to process more cases in less time while giving more attention to each client.  I’m very happy with Virtuworx.

Cecelia C.