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Accurate and Reliable Preservation Processing
– ISO 9001-2008

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Increase Profitability
and Processing Capability
Decrease Errors, Lates
and Management Headaches

Big Savings-Up to 46%
Fully Trained - we can Start Today
24/7 Reliability - Reliable Nightshifts and Weekends
135 Processors - We can Finish Your Queue Today
Detailed Daily Reporting
QC Team Ensures Accuracy

I’m happy to provide a testimonial for Virtuworx. I’ve been working with them since 2010 and our company runs more efficiently with them. It’s nice to know they always have additional help if we get a flood of work orders. They’ve saved us many times working weekends and nights.

Randy L.
West Coast National

We started with Virtuworx 2 months ago and I can already see significant savings. The daily reports are great and I’ve even made our onsite processors provide them now. It was a simple process; I only wish I would have done it years ago.

Jeff. K
East Coast Regional

Services Offered

Property Preservation Services

  • Interpreting work order
  • Downloading photos from clients software/website/FTP
  • Labeling before/during/after grass cut photos, bid and other photos
  • Uploading, rearranging & labeling the photos as per the work order
  • Creating and Adding bids as per the work order and photos
  • Using cost estimator to calculate bid amounts
  • Invoicing as per the price sheets
  • Creating and uploading reports
  • Uploading the property inspection form if required

We Process all Types of Work Orders

  • Grass Cuts
  • Janitorial/Winterization
  • REO, PPO
  • Maintenance
  • Preservation Orders; Initial Secure, Perform per Bid, Conveyance Condition, Securing, Dead-in Lieu etc.

We’re Experts at

  • CoreLogic
  • Safeguard
  • MCS
  • A-Sons
  • HUD
  • MSI
  • FAS
  • LPS
  • Property Preservation Wizard
  • Field-Comm
  • PreserveSoft
  • RepairBase
  • Plus your custom software

Easy 3-Step Process

  1. Knowledge Transfer We watch your lead processor/trainer process several work orders and document/ record the procedure
  2. Implementation Your lead processor/ trainer watches us process work orders and provides feedback
  3. Follow Through We start processing. Providing daily reports with time spent, work orders processed, and any issues.

About Us

We started in the preservation industry in 2009 with grass cuts. Now we perform hundreds of thousands of work orders; from grass cuts to bidding orders to quality control. We took the time to learn every step of the process and we are ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Our first client is still with us today! We helped them stop producing lates, reduced labor costs by 37% and in 60 days they started to receive new properties. They began with one grass cut processor and now have 8 processors handling many aspects of their preservation business.

We can handle it. We currently work with small regionals with only a handful of states to national’s covering the entire U.S. We understand the frustration and pressures of the preservation industry and designed our company to make your company more efficient and profitable.

Virtuworx is the leading property preservation processing company. Increase profitability and processing capability while decreasing errors/lates and management headaches. Call to find out why over 27 regionals and nationals trust our services. No training required. Call today 949-270-1577.

When the owner told me we were going to start utilizing and off site processing company I was a bit skeptical; with communication, hours and getting everyone up to speed. I was happily dead wrong. They were already familiar with our systems, PPW and LPS/MCS, they have 24/7 shifts which has really saved our butt and our project manager Anthony is great to work with. I’ve only worked with one off shore company, Virtuworx, but it’s been great. I even have fewer headaches managing processors now.
Ricardo P.
Operations manager
Florida Regional