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Our Process



  • Pick a plan that fits your needs
  • Not sure which plan? Contact us for help 949-270-1577
  • Joining Virtuworx takes 60 seconds
  • You’re on your way to less stress while saving time, and money

Identify needs

  • An account manager will contact you to understand your business and needs
  • We choose the best project manager and workers for you and your business

We finish your task

  • Review our work and provide any feedback
  • We provide a daily activity report so you stay informed
  • You and your staff now have more time for important income generating activities

Submit your tasks

  • You can then communicate your tasks to your project manager via phone/email/fax/Skype etc.
  • Your project manager will supervise and assist your workers

We are always here to help 24/7

Do you have a last minute task or project change that needs to be done by 5 a.m.?  Don’t worry! Although your project manager and virtual worker may not be available, Virtuworx staff is on standby 24/7.  With your permission and management approval they can access your account, make modifications to existing projects, or start new tasks; all at no additional charge to you. We go above and beyond for our clients. We realize your complete satisfaction is the key to a long term business relationship, and essential for your success.

More complex tasks

Since 2007, we have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners with tens of thousands of tasks.  If physical presence is not required we can do it. However, we want to understand how YOU want your work done.  We know how important it is to follow procedure. We can use Skype/GoToMeeting, or similar for any initial training, much like you would train someone in your own office. Since the process is recorded, your project manager can always refer to their notes and the recorded session. Once your virtual worker is proficient in your tasks your project manager will move to a supervisory position ready to accept additional tasks.  Each day you will receive a report detailing what was accomplished. Through the years we have found this process to be very thorough, and creates a “checks and balance” to insure your work is completed according to your standards and on schedule.

My processors have doubled their output and my loan officers are receiving better leads.  We use Virtuworx for lead generation and to assist our processors in processing the loans.  I recommend so they can do the same for you.
Walter F.
Your Loan Connection