30 day money back


U.S. Based


9-5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

  • Updating social media
  • Facebook ‘Like’ page(suggest to connections,prospects, events, postings)
  • Facebook personal page(add friends, messaging)
  • LinkedIn (adding new connections, research, posting to groups)
  • Twitter (follow, unfollow)
  • Research and draft tweets
  • Post & Schedule Tweets
  • Retweet key prospects
  • Article marketing & posting
  • Podcast uploading
  • Video marketing & posting
  • Traffic Geyser
  • Maintain blogs & monitor comments
  • Social bookmarking
  • Send proposal emails to potential clients
  • Ad posting, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
  • Data-mining
  • Email blasting (Infusionsoft, Constant Contact and iContact)
  • Transcribe video to create articles.
  • Add new contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • Manage Affiliates
  • Set up emails
  • Target market, e.g. obtaining a list of companies or individuals, preparing and sending preliminary materials
  • Create business card info list or database
  • Database management/Top Producer/Sales Force
  • Maintain daily calendar & arrange appointments.
  • Event booking & travel reservations
  • Check voice mail
  • Confirm sales for the week
  • Routine daily paperwork
  • Back-up computer files
  • Order office supplies
  • Update clients on bill due dates
  • Mail past due notices
  • Infusionsoft:
  • Send Invoice
  • Update CC information
  • Charge CC
  • Check Auto-charge failed and collect
  • Word Processing
  • General data entry


You choose the hours/time zone, M-Sat. For fulltime plans we work partial day on Saturday for FREE
Only a select few of our experienced staff graduate to this level. Feel confident letting them speak to
your clients and running your office. They can do all of the above tasks and:

  • Onsite & Offsite SEO
  • keyword research
  • Web development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Hubpages
  • Facebook marketing
  • Keyword research for media
  • Blog creation
  • Social media creation/posts
  • Posting status updates
  • Basic video editing
  • Research content ideas
  • Create videos from pictures
  • Set up email auto responders in IS, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and A-webber
  • Checking account pulling
  • B2B (passing gate keepers)
  • Customer service (technical)
  • Telemarketing
  • Taking inbound calls for your office
  • Creating/Calling leads
  • Confirming appointments and setting appointments
  • Follow-up phone calls to collect on past due charges
  • Confirm database via phone prior to sending direct mail
  • Transcribe tele-class recordings of up to 30 minutes
  • Pay online bills and invoices
  • Settle bank accounts using accounting software Quickbooks/Peachtree/etc
  • Prepare and send invoices
  • Create expenditure reports
  • Refunds
  • Formatting
  • Type, edit, print, and send messages on client letterhead
  • Write reports and basic documents
  • Produce and set up employee and project manuals
  • Editing, updating Excel documents
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation, diagrams and charts based on directions
  • Encode handwritten meeting notes or minutes
  • Receiving and reviewing resumes
  • Confirm references on employment applications
  • Conduct initial interviews

We’ve seen a 43% rise in new and referral business over last year. I’m now focused on our business and not stuck working in the business. I’m amazed how much more successful our business has become by allowing me to focus on new business and nurturing existing business and Diana, our paralegal, is able to process more cases in less time while giving more attention to each client. I’m very happy with Virtuworx.
Cecelia C.

Case Study


BankruptcyAttorneyPros.com is a wonderful law office.  Here we suggested that Cecelia, Diana, and attorney Carmel Hehr sit down and discuss all the different activities they were doing in a typical day. We soon realized that Cecelia and Diana had their demands scattered across dozens of activities.  Cecelia’s responsibilities ranged from marketing, book keeping, social media, ordering supplies, and invoicing. After figuring out Cecelia and Diana’s most important tasks, we created a system to delegate the rest.  In this case Diana was to focus more time with the clients, and follow up.  Cecelia was to focus on marketing, while keeping the office running smoothly.  In doing this Diana and Cecelia also realized there were tasks they were completely missing by thinking the other person was doing them. Virtuworx solved their problem .

How much more business could you generate by having laser focus on the big picture and not caught up in busy work?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why do you offer 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee?

We believe in our business and our employees. We feel we can help you and are willing to stand behind our promise. Our Virtual Workers help our other businesses, friends businesses and business owners and entrepreneurs just like you. We want the chance to WOW you.


Isn’t this expensive?

If you have an additional 10-20 hours a week to focus on the big picture for your business, how much is that worth? How much is 10-20 hours of extra time a week to spend doing what you love with who you love? How much would it be if you were to hire your own employee and then worry about training, supervision, office space, computer/software, insurance, etc.? Additionally depending on your plan you have access to specialized skills from programming to research specialists and graphic designers to just name a few.


Why should I trust you?

We have been in business since 2007 and work with some of the most respected companies. We continually receive referrals from our happy customers. Additionally we continually communicate with our current members on ways we can improve. Just because we are meeting your expectations today, does not mean we can stop progressing. Our goal is to continually exceed your expectations and earn your trust and your referrals.


Will my Virtual Worker be working with other clients too?

No, if you choose a full time, 40 hours a week (160 hours a month) plan. Yes, if you choose a smaller plan.


My business is complicated, how will my Virtual Worker understand it?

Since 2007 we have been working with solopreneurs to fortune 500 companies and everything in between. From engineering firms and software development to flower shops and law firms. In some instances we run the entire company for the owner; from the SEO and analytics of their website/blog/
Facebook/Twitter, to customer service to accounting/bill payments to ensuring the product is shipped from the drop shipper to the customer.


What skill level and how much experience will my Virtual Worker have?

We only recruit the very best. Virtuworx has been in business since 2007 and we have received a reputation as being an enjoyable and reliable place to work. Many of our new employees are friends, relatives, and former co-workers of current employees. The specific skill level and experience will be determined by the package you choose.


Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We take pride in our security. We have key card entry with video surveillance. Our network utilizes 256 bit secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol for all transactions. Our database is encrypted. Our servers are firewall protected and access requires a double password. We have an offsite secure server backup. All employee computers have their ports removed and are connected to a battery backup. We have our own generator that is on a riser lifted several feet off the first floor, to prevent any interruptions from a natural disaster.


You and your company seem so passionate about what you do, why?

Our goal is to help as many entrepreneurs and business owners remember why they got into business. To do what they love, to help others and have more free time to enjoy life and their families. We did it with our other businesses and now we want to help you with yours.


Can I share my Virtual Worker with other people?

Yes, you may share your Virtual Worker amongst anyone you choose. You can add permitted users by calling or emailing.


Is there an ignition fee or start-up fee?

No. There is no fee. You pay a monthly subscription fee as detailed on the sign-up page.


How does the process work?

Once you join you will be put in touch with a manager or one of the owners to gain an understanding of your business and the desired results. Once we understand the requirements we will put you in touch with the team lead best suited to your requirements.

The team lead will work with you to nail down exactly what you want done and how you want the work to be done. They may work with you for several days on your tasks or they may go ahead and pick several candidates they feel are best suited for your tasks and personality type.

You will then have the chance to interview candidates. Once you have chosen the candidate they will work with you and the team lead on your tasks. After your Virtual Worker is proficient in your tasks your team lead will move to a supervisory position. As you provide additional work for the Virtual Worker the team lead will be kept abreast of the work.

At the end of each day you will receive an email listing out what your Virtual Worker has worked on throughout the day. Through the years we have found this method to be very thorough and creates a “checks and balance” to ensure your work is to your standards and on schedule.



Still have questions? Visit Q+A page to see more

I have my life back!  Owning a small restaurant was a dream of mine, but doing every job within the restaurant was not.  I’ve been able to cut nearly 30 hours from my work week, just by hiring Virtuworx to handle all the busy office work.  Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Eric T.
Express Gourme