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How Are People Using VirtuWorx?

We’re helping Cecelia C. in Riverside, CA earn and keep her Google ranking for SEO
ADT uses Virtuworx for setting appointments
Bank of America R.E.O division saves time and money by having Virtuworx handle data entry and bill processing
Owner Steven C. in Madison, WI is using Virtuworx to build and maintain his website and online store
Remax Realtor Bob S. in Dallas, TX uses Virtuworx to share his real estate listings through social marketing
Sales manager Dave V. in Phoenix, AZ is using Virtuworx to research potential clients
Attorney Carmel H. in Glendale, CA uses Virtuworx for scheduling and client interviews
CEO Walter F. in Newport Beach, CA has Virtuworx remind him of appointments and book vacations
Restaurateur Eric T. in Boston, MA uses Virtuworx for bookkeeping and responding to online reviews
Loan officer Mark W. in Miami, FL is using Virtuworx to collect documents from clients

Skilled Virtual Workers

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By keeping my staff focused on what they do best I was able to increase my teams income over 23% in two months. I didn’t realize by keeping my collectors focused solely on the phones would produce such amazing results. Let Virtuworx make you more money.
John R.
Great Lakes Recovery

Case Study

Great Lakes Recovery

John has a collection company which was breaking even, but not generating profits.  His collection agents were being bogged down by re-searching clients, which was limiting the number of calls they were making. His receptionist and bookkeeper were also backed up and making mistakes because they were responsible for too many different tasks.  John spoke to an Account manager at Virtuworx who suggested 2 virtual workers for his six man collection team.  At the end of the first month he already began to see results.  By the end of the second month his team of collectors was able to make 37% more calls, and brought in 23% more income.  The return on investment was so good; John hired 4 more virtual workers, 12 in house collection agents, and an additional worker to help his receptionist and bookkeeper.

How profitable would your company be if you and your employees were focused on income generating tasks?

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