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How Are People Using VirtuWorx?

We’re helping Cecelia C. in Riverside, CA earn and keep her Google ranking for SEO
ADT uses Virtuworx for setting appointments
Bank of America R.E.O division saves time and money by having Virtuworx handle data entry and bill processing
Owner Steven C. in Madison, WI is using Virtuworx to build and maintain his website and online store
Remax Realtor Bob S. in Dallas, TX uses Virtuworx to share his real estate listings through social marketing
Sales manager Dave V. in Phoenix, AZ is using Virtuworx to research potential clients
Attorney Carmel H. in Glendale, CA uses Virtuworx for scheduling and client interviews
CEO Walter F. in Newport Beach, CA has Virtuworx remind him of appointments and book vacations
Restaurateur Eric T. in Boston, MA uses Virtuworx for bookkeeping and responding to online reviews
Loan officer Mark W. in Miami, FL is using Virtuworx to collect documents from clients

Skilled Virtual Workers

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We’ve seen a 43% rise in new and referral business over last year. I’m now focused on our business and not stuck working in the business. I’m amazed how much more successful our business has become by allowing me to focus on new business and nurturing existing business and Diana, our paralegal, is able to process more cases in less time while giving more attention to each client. I’m very happy with Virtuworx.
Cecelia C.

Case Study


BankruptcyAttorneyPros.com is a wonderful law office.  Here we suggested that Cecelia, Diana, and attorney Carmel Hehr sit down and discuss all the different activities they were doing in a typical day. We soon realized that Cecelia and Diana had their demands scattered across dozens of activities.  Cecelia’s responsibilities ranged from marketing, book keeping, social media, ordering supplies, and invoicing. After figuring out Cecelia and Diana’s most important tasks, we created a system to delegate the rest.  In this case Diana was to focus more time with the clients, and follow up.  Cecelia was to focus on marketing, while keeping the office running smoothly.  In doing this Diana and Cecelia also realized there were tasks they were completely missing by thinking the other person was doing them. Virtuworx solved their problem .

How much more business could you generate by having laser focus on the big picture and not caught up in busy work?

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